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Gerard and Lyn-Z
If Gabe Saporta is our only hope for stability
...we're screwed.
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27th-Mar-2014 08:55 pm - Friends Only
Friends Only

Because life should be just that...but if it can't be, at least my journal can.

I got a shock earlier and...yeah. Another thing to add to my list of Wish I'd Done It Earlier.

Anyway, just friend me, comment, and I'll add you back. No comment, no friend. Simple as. PLEASE NOTE - DUE TO RECENT INCIDENTS, ANONYMOUS COMMENTING IS NO LONGER ALLOWED ON THIS JOURNAL. Apologies to all the nice anons; some people just ruin it for everyone.

Banner by onlylirael - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerard and Lyn-Z
Oh my God, Norway.

My heart goes out to every single one of you. I've been so caught up in work the last couple of weeks, I've only just been able to catch up on everything that's happened. I just. I can't even comprehend what you're going through right now. My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers - such as they are - go out to all of you, to the victims and their families and friends, to those who were left behind. I wish there was something I could do, but this is all I've got.

*Subject from a quote by Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, at a memorial service for those killed. Probably slightly paraphrased, due to my memory.

A small note, not entirely unrelated...Collapse )
22nd-May-2011 08:10 pm - helpthesouth
I officially suck. I've been meaning to get this up for weeks now, and I wait until three days before the deadline. /o\/o\/o\ Suck so hard, seriously.

So I'm sure by now everyone knows about the series of tornados that ripped through the southern United States of America at the end of April. At least six states have been affected, with over 300 people reported dead.

For both triciabyrne1978 and jadestrick, these events struck close to home. They, along with juliet42, havocthecat and stargazercmc, decided to do something, to help the relief efforts.

Please, please help them out with this. Pimp it out, donate to the auction, bid, I don't care. Just something. I know it seems like America isn't going to need as much help as other places that have been recently devastated; it's America, right? But people are still hurting. People are still dead. Homes have been destroyed. And they need help.

The auction is due to close at 6 pm 25th May 2011 (CST). Here are a few threads for you to check out:

- Photographs of Scotland. All pictures will be taken by quality_rachni and myself.

- reni_days is offering one fic with a minimum of 2,500 words, written to a prompt; preferably Brendon/Spencer and no hardcore kink, no objections to NC-17.

- anoneknewmoose is offering one fic of at least 3000 words in MCR with possibilities for other bands (except All Time Low).

There's an incredible amount of amazing things being offered, this is just a tiny selection. If anyone else is offering things, let me know! The more money we raise the better. :)
27th-Mar-2011 10:44 pm - Final reminder!
help_japan has extended their auction. Bidding on offers is now open until 11pm Wednesday 30th March (UK time, GMT+1) 11am Wednesday 31th March (UK time, GMT+1). Changed again, sorry. The auction is closed to new offers.

As a final reminder, here are our threads:

- Scotland in a box! Current bid is $120 USD. (O.o)

- Photographs of Scotland. Current bid is $10 USD.

And once again, the wonderful ladies on my flist:

- torakowalski's is offering 2,000 words in The Social Network, The Social Network RPS, Merlin, Bob/Brian (bandom), Tanya Huff's Smoke series.

- turlough is offering two sets of icons/wallpapers/banners for the two highest bidders.

- harborshore is offering at least 2,000 words in bandom (The Like, PATD, TYV, Bob and Brian, Mikey Way, Pete Wentz, etc.), DCU, Veronica Mars, BTVS, Vampire Diaries

- lily_lestrange is offering a box filled with "cute/kawaii/lolita/geeky" jewellery, all handmade by the lady herself.

You've all been amazing so far, guys. C'mon, three more days to go. Even if you can't afford to bid [anymore, because wow, this auction has been severely tempting, even to the cash-strapped trying-to-be-adults like myself], spread the word!

Wow, my journal hasn't had so many unlocked posts at one time since 2008, when it was unlocked as a whole. This is...weird. O.o
help_japan raising funds for Japan
17th-Mar-2011 01:01 am - help_japan
All right, my dears, let's get this show on the road.*

*Warning for slight crazies of the sleep and tea deprivation variety. As you may have already gathered. We have no milk, and the shop was shut when I realised. Sad bunny now. :(

So help_japan opened its auction doors on Monday, and it's off to a roaring success. As mentioned in my previous post, I have a few collaborative efforts going on with quality_rachni, nanashi_itsumo and lily_lestrange, amongst other, lj-less friends. Our threads are here:

- Scotland in a box! - what it says on the tin. A box full of Scottish items put together by us. Scottish sweets and travel books, Robert Burns related items, William Wallace and other Wars of Independence related items, tartan, key chains, blank postcards, and a few curios. We might even try and get in a few Highland Cow plushies.

- Photographs of Scotland - another self-descriptive offer. All pictures will be taken by quality_rachni, nanashi_itsumo and myself (and nanashi_itsumo's friend, who I don't think has an lj).

There's so much amazing stuff there, from so many creative people. Seriously, check it out. I don't have the money to bid on anyone, but if I did, I would, oh. (Guys, this is the part where I pimp you out. If you don't want me to, let me know, and I'll remove your name.)

Like torakowalski, who's offering 2,000 words in The Social Network, The Social Network RPS, Merlin, Bob/Brian (bandom), Tanya Huff's Smoke series. Oh man, Tora's fic. *___* If I could afford it, I would bid and bid on her until I could bid no more.

turlough is offering up her amazing graphic skills in the form of two sets of icons/wallpapers/banners for the two highest bidders (also here on DW, so you have four chances). You may have noticed all my nice new and shiny icons as part of the lj trial. Most of them are by her. There's a reason for that.

harborshore is also offering at least 2,000 words in bandom (The Like, PATD, TYV, Bob and Brian, Mikey Way, Pete Wentz, etc.), DCU, Veronica Mars, BTVS, Vampire Diaries. What I love about her fic is - well, hell, a lot, but let's stick to the way she weaves magical realism like it was nothing, and the fact that her women are real.

And then my darling lily_lestrange, who has been working tirelessly to pimp the auction out on fb, has put up her own box, filled with "cute/kawaii/lolita/geeky" jewellery, all handmade by the lady herself. Lily's stuff is just the most adorable, I swear, and of really good quality. She has her own site, Lily's Emporium, in case you fall in love with her stuff - easy to do, believe me - and get outbid on the box. She's also an incredible businesswoman, so you know you're in good hands with her.

All right, I think that it for tonight. If anyone else is offering things, let me know! The more money we raise the better. :)

And now I'm going to go faceplant into my pillow and listen to Danger Days until I fall asleep, which shouldn't take long. (If I said I'd been listening to it almost continuously for seven hours earlier and didn't get sick of it, I wouldn't be lying. I freaking love this album.)
help_japan raising funds for Japan
I'm sure by now you've all heard about the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in the early hours of this morning (2:46pm local time, 5:46am GMT). While some people are being incredibly insensitive (seriously, you don't want to know the kind of things I've read on Twitter and some lj comms today), some have already proved that humanity's capacity for compassion and empathy is simply outstanding.

Within hours of the news hitting the major news broadcasts, people were pledging whatever help Japan needs, in any way they can provide it. I'm going to draw your attention to one such pledge.

The work hesselives, ilovetakahana, and curve have done with this in such a short amount of time is just incredible. Please, please help them out with this. Pimp it out, donate to the auction, bid, I don't care. Just something. Auction opens on Monday 14th March.

Currently, I'm trying to put together a donation for auction with quality_rachni and nanashi_itsumo, since I can't afford to bid or directly donate at the moment. More details on that as and when we have them.

If you would prefer to donate directly, these were linked to on the comm:

• Network For Good (a highly vetted donation system for many nonprofit organizations) has set up a Help Survivors of Japan Quake & Tsunami fund that will forward donations to any charities on its compiled list. Currently-responding charities include American Red Cross, Americares, Global Giving, Oxfam USA, and Save the Children;

• The American National Red Cross has set up this fund at causes.com - Help Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims.

And for those who have friends and family in the immediate affected area, Google has set up an application to help you track and find them - Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake.

For everyone on my flist in areas even remotely affected by this, especially by the tsunami, consider this a check-in post. I want to know you guys are all okay, all right? Stay safe. ♥

(Leaving this public, because more than my flist need to see it. That does not mean an opportunity for people to be dicks, btw.)

As for me, I'm still sick. I currently have what feels like a sinus headache, and probably a mild case of the flu, according to nanashi_itsumo, who would know, being very well acquainted with them. Oh, and 5,000 words due on Tuesday that I haven't even started yet, due to the whole sick thing and finding it very, very hard to concentrate. You have no idea how long it's taken me to type this. And yet, I find it very hard to care about that - especially when we're not even being graded - when there's all this going on.

So now I'm going to post this, take some painkillers, watch the rest of Criminal Minds, and go to bed. Dad's working tomorrow, bloody hell, so at least I can have a lie-in.
help_japan raising funds for Japan
29th-Nov-2010 08:22 pm - make some motherfucking noise
You all remember how I said I loved saint_sorrows? :D Well, this time she's outdone herself:


To quote the lady herself - Share and share alike, killjoys. Spread the word. Rules and FAQ post to follow shortly, feel free to leave questions and suggestions in the intro post!

Come play with us! :D It's going to be hella fun.

Party Poison
20th-Nov-2010 06:20 pm - PSA
I don't really think I need to say this, right? We're all nice, friendly, considerate people here.

But just in case:



And if you see anything you recognise as mine there, let me know. :( I don't have Facebook, I do not want Facebook, but I have no way of knowing if I'm linked to there, so some vigilance from you guys would be awesome. Thanks.

Needless to say, I've worked hard to keep my full name and details out of this journal. I'm sure if someone was determined enough, they could figure it out, but that's beside the point. I have to go out into the big bad world soon, and I would really like it if prospective employers could not find me here.

Anyone found violating this request - and I stress request, I really do - will be cut and banned. And I'll go into lockdown, with severe editing of my flist, which no one wants.

Leaving this public, because this goes for all entries, even my public ones. And I need another one of these made public.
Gerard and Lyn-Z
26th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm - My head hurts.
I just. So, so much fail, on so many levels, which include, but are not restricted to: gender, trans*, misogyny and paternalism. And from someone I actually expected better from.

The long story short is, there was a BBB this year which...well, ended up with all the issues I mentioned above. The fic has since been deleted, but there were a lot of issues with it. Not just inside it, but in the author's attitude, her refusal to listen when others came to her with their concerns (this was in the beta stages, I should add), and her reaction to the situation that arose. (Which is the reason for my posting this.)

sinuous_curve addresses everything else I could ever want to say on the subject, and explains it better than I could ever hope to, so I'll link you here to hir post here, where zi makes hir points, and more importantly, manages not to be inflammatory about it. Whether or not you agree with me there is your prerogative, though I suggest you read all the comments - including the author's - before you make any decisions. (Be warned, there are over 500 comments and counting. I think some of the most important ones are on the first page, and I encourage you at least read all the threads on that page.)

And I have to say it, but COMPARING DISCUSSION AND CRITICISM OF YOUR FIC TO GANG-RAPE IS NEVER, NEVER OKAY. I never thought I'd have to say that, but there you go.

Guys, I admit. I don't know a lot about trans issues or culture. I'm trying to learn, mainly because I'm interested, and I don't ever want to hurt anyone (and sinuous_curve was very sweet and linked me to a blog - one which looks really good - to get me started). So please, if you ever see me doing something stupid - not even along these lines, but just. Flippantly - please tell me. I can't do anything about it if you don't tell me.

I'm going to make this entry public, because hey. It needs to be said. And where does it get us if we hide these things away?
29th-Oct-2008 07:51 pm - WTF People?
For those of us who are not Californians there is a Proposition that will eliminate the right for same sex couples to marry.

So here are the reasons for voting for it and the common sense responses to said arguments:

10 'reasons' to vote for Prop 8.Collapse )

Repost if you think love makes a marriage. Vote NO on Proposition 8
Gerard and Lyn-Z
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