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Gerard and Lyn-Z
If Gabe Saporta is our only hope for stability
...we're screwed.
"Every single one we've lost is a tragedy in itself."* 
24th-Jul-2011 10:31 pm
Oh my God, Norway.

My heart goes out to every single one of you. I've been so caught up in work the last couple of weeks, I've only just been able to catch up on everything that's happened. I just. I can't even comprehend what you're going through right now. My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers - such as they are - go out to all of you, to the victims and their families and friends, to those who were left behind. I wish there was something I could do, but this is all I've got.

*Subject from a quote by Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, at a memorial service for those killed. Probably slightly paraphrased, due to my memory.

I can't believe I have to say this, but. For those making jokes about Amy Winehouse, for those complaining and bitching at people who mention her sad passing - because it is sad, it is a tragedy, every life lost before its time is a tragedy - and accuse them of "ignoring" or "not caring" about Norway? Just. Shut up. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, it's easier for people to understand, easier for them to process the death of a troubled individual than the senseless massacre of children, for no other reason than their support of a political party most of them weren't even old enough to vote for yet?

Just because you're affected by one, doesn't mean you aren't affected by the other. This isn't an "either or" situation. Stop trying to make it one. /rant.
24th-Jul-2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
You won't have seem my rants on FB and Twitter, but I just wanna say thanks for posting this. The Norway situation affected me greatly, and it means a lot to see people sending love and support their way ♥

I won't lie, I DID rant about people being more upset over Amy rather than Norway, but I didn't do it in the way a lot of people are. I was just upset that a lot of people, especially on my FB and in the area I live, didn't mention or care about Norway, but were gossiping about Amy Winehouse. My best friend lives just outside of Oslo, and I was a mess because I hadn't heard from her, but later, we were talking and she told me how she'd spoken to a mutual friend of ours who had been posting non-stop about Amy Winehouse, but when my friend mentioned to her about the attacks and her friends and family involved, our friend basically just said 'oh that sucks' and went back to going on about Amy :/ So I won't lie, I did get a bitch bitchy, but I also expressed that I was very sympathetic to people being upset by her death, because I know how I'd feel if it were someone I looked up to or was a fan of.

Hope you're feeling okay bb ♥
24th-Jul-2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, no sweets, I saw yours, and I didn't mean you. I thought yours was rather tasteful, and I agreed with it. It was more my friends came on Twitter yesterday talking about how their feeds on both Twitter and FB had exploded with people talking about how Amy Winehouse "got what she deserved for being a junkie bitch" and how Norway was so much more important than some junkie dying and lolololol, she never went back to rehab, and basically yelling at people who were making any mention of her death. Even though, as my friends continually pointed out, she was still a person, same as those poor kids and their families, and the people she's left behind are suffering too, because they've still lost someone, which is a great tragedy in itself, even if it's not in the same way. And I just. Wanted to scream. But this' the first chance I've had to address it.

I'm...okay. Been better, but I'll be fine, thank you, love. ♥ Catching up on exactly what's happened's put things into a bit more perspective for me, and it's just. It's her choice, y'know? Whatever. She wants to be like that, she can be. But thank you. ♥
24th-Jul-2011 10:11 pm (UTC)
I think it's so disgusting people saying she 'got what she deserved' because NO ONE deserves something like that. No one deserves to die, especially so young.

Wel, like I told you the other day, you're a much better person and it's her loss. She's losing an amazing friend. But it's okay, because I've gained one :p ♥
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