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If Gabe Saporta is our only hope for stability

...we're screwed.

Friends Only
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I'm a white, Scottish (and therefore European, or British, depending on your own read of the situation) cisgendered gal who is...somewhere on the lgbt spectrum. (I know a lot of people don't like labels, but those are the ones that I feel apply to me, and I'm comfortable with them. They help me define me, if that makes any sense.) I'm pretty privileged, and sometimes I'm rather stupid because of it. Just smack me over the head and tell me I'm being a privileged asshole.

I'm a writer. I like to pretend I'm smart. I'm a journalism student at university, so I guess I'm not entirely stupid either. I shoot my mouth off about politics I don't understand, and rant about the ones I do. I'm religious, but not in the way you'd think. I'm a bit of a metalhead and a punk, in a nice little inoffensive package. I'm a feminist.

I want to travel - as in, everywhere; I want to work Warped Tour one summer. I want to write for a living, and if I can write about music, that's even better. I swear like a sailor and have tattoos and piercings. I want more.

I like books, comics, films, animanga and music. And red. I liked vampires before they sparkled, and I have a major crush on mythology. I fangirl, mostly about bands, books, films, TV shows, and the aforementioned animanga. (I'd say I get overinvested, but that's the definition of "a fan", so I figure I'm allowed.) Sometimes I write about them. Most of the time, I just rant and giggle behind my hands. Or annoy my friends, who I love to death and am fucking lucky to have. And I ramble, in case you hadn't already guessed.

I don't tolerate intolerance on this journal, and I don't tolerate abuse. Which is why it's friends-locked. Comment or I won't add you (and there are no guarantees I'll add you even if you do comment). I do try to be nice though.

Music, like religion, is subjective. Be nice, or it's the ban-hammer for you.